Staff & Nurse Call Points

Ensuring everyone can call for assistance comfortably and safely

At Alarm Radio Monitoring we are proud to offer a wide variety of call points tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Our call points ensure everyone can call for assistance comfortably and safely.

Need help finding the perfect staff or nurse call points? Contact our experts for advice.


  • Activation LED with comfort tone
  • Infra-red sensor – for use with mobile alarm units
  • The locking bracket allows the unit to be easily moved
  • Battery-operated (3-4 years battery life)


  • Amber ‘staff-to-staff’ assistance button
  • Red ’emergency’ button
  • Green ‘reset’ button/staff presence function
  • Pear push lead/air bulb lead/pull cord for ‘resident’ call


  • Anti-microbial additives embedded in the call point casing and buttons to help prevent the spread of infection
  • Self-supervising
  • Periodical check-in with nurse call system – manages functionality and battery life

Different variants available to meet individual requirements

Pear Push Unit

  • with a 2m pear push call lead and wall holster
  • monitored socket – connect call lead / assistive technology devices
  • double adaptor – connect call lead and another sensor/monitor at the same time including assistive technology devices such as Bed/Chair Exit Monitors, PIR Movement sensors, Epilepsy sensors, Enuresis sensor, Pillow switch, Pressure Mats (floor, chair, bed) plus many more

Pull Cord Unit

  • complete with integral pull cord
  • two easy-grip triangles
  • add-on remote wireless ceiling pull cords available for locating within shower area

Staff Call Unit

  • standard call point with staff call & emergency buttons
  • optional monitored socket fitted for connection of assistive technology devices
  • anti-ligature shroud available (as shown)

Door Monitor

  • complete with a set of door contacts
  • staff override key-switch – disables door monitoring when required
  • ‘timed-exit’ option available for staff entrance
  • also available with doorbell monitoring
  • can also be used to monitor telephone ringing with a telephone interface add-on.

Air Bulb Unit

  • complete with 2.5m air bulb lead
  • ideal for people with reduced motor skills
  • floor pressure pad/disc available

Help Call Unit

  • splash proof membrane incorporates the alarm and reset buttons
  • can be used outside (e.g. on patio table)