Staff call systems for SEN schools and colleges

Keep your team and pupils safe

If you work in special needs or a respite unit, you already know the importance of keeping your team and pupils safe.  Increasingly schools and colleges want their teams to feel secure at all times.

Schools and colleges choose ARM’s staff paging systems because they include features such as:

  • Fixed call buttons and ceiling location units.
  • Portable alarms are available in many formats ranging from a small fob to a discreet belt-clip unit.
  • Messages can be relayed to pagers or DECT handsets for a more rapid response or activate an autodialler for off-site assistance if required.
  • Various options are available to suit particular needs such as a ‘man-down’ facility on portable alarms.
  • Additional call points for respite units – assistive technology sensors can be connected (e.g. epilepsy monitors, pillow switches, head tilt switches).

Ensure the safety of your team and others with our staff call and paging systems.