Data analysis

An essential audit and compliance tool

Data Analysis software provides a full audit trail of events

The all-new call logging software from ARM enhances the functionality of your care call system dramatically.

  • It can help you track the quality of your service to your residents.
  • It can help you demonstrate compliance with your aims and best practices, both to relatives and to authorities.
  • It can help you find bottlenecks in service provision, track staffing requirements, and allow you to ensure staff are meeting expectations.
  • Most importantly, it provides assurance that you know and can demonstrate what is happening in your care home.


Easy to use search functions allow you to search for a specific event, sensor, time or date using simple tick boxes, drop-down menus and a calendar.


Management reports can be created such as and Call Response, Call Summary, Attendance (for night time rounds).


Essential maintenance reports can be printed such as Battery logs, Sensor Listings or Outstanding Faults.