Nurse Call Consumables

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Double Adapter

Part no: S64-ADT-L

Allows you to connect two accessories into the nurse call unit.

Linen Clip

Part no: S64-PPLC

Easily clip the pear push call lead to the bed linen.

Wall Holster

Part no: S64-PPH

Replacement pear push lead wall holster.

Call Point Bracket

Part no: S64-WB

Replacement wall bracket for nurse call unit.

Door Bell

Part no: S64-DB

Door bell – connect to door monitoring unit.

Door Contacts

Part no: S64-DC

Set of door contacts – connect to door monitoring unit.

Display Keys

Part no: S64-RDK2

Set of 2 display keys.

Door Monitor/Panel Keys

Part no: S64-CPK2

Set of 2 door monitor/control panels keys.

Pull Cord Triangles

Part no: S64-TRI

Set of 2 pull cord triangles.

Dummy Plug

Part no: HTM-D-PLUG

Dummy plug for HTM bedhead call point.