Nurse Call

Lights & Sounders

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Room Sounder

Part no: S64-EXT-SND

Used for additional sound or where indication is required and there is no display.

Requires 4-core alarm cable from panel/display.

Radio Over Door Light

Part no: S64-RODL / HTM-RODL

Wireless over door indicator light provides visual & audible indication of calls.

Standard or HTM version.

HTM Sounder

Part no: HTM-SND

Corridor/room sounder for HTM nurse call system.

Requires 4-core alarm cable from panel/display.

Follow Me Lights

Part no: HTM-FML

Follow me lights provide visual and audible indication to guide staff to call location.

Requires 8-core alarm cable to control panel.

Built in sounder can be deactivated if required.

Banshee Sounders & Beacons

Range of banshee sounder/beacons with different lens colours available for leisure alarm systems.

4-core alarm cable required from panel.