Emergency Alarm Points

 Keep your staff and clients safe

Our alarm points provide an urgent means of signalling for assistance if a problem occurs.

Alarm Radio Monitoring’s alarm call points are P65 rated call points for around the poolside (HCU-IP) and are battery operated with up to 4 years of battery life.

Other uses include: locating in gyms, sports halls, and studios (anywhere assistance may be required)

We also offer pull cord units for disabled toilets, bedrooms, and en-suites in hotels.

Need help finding the right alarm call points for your emergency system? Contact our wireless experts today.

Help Call Unit

Help Call Unit (IP)

  • IP65 rated call point
  • assistance & emergency level alarm buttons
Emergency Affray Unit

Affray Unit

  • large red mushroom panic button
  • emergency only
  • infra-red sensor
  • key-switch reset
Emergency Unit

Emergency Unit

  • red pull to activate/push to reset
  • emergency only
Pull Cord Unit

Pull Cord Unit

  • complete with integral pull cord
  • two easy-grip triangles
  • add-on remote wireless ceiling pull cords available
  • radio over door indicator lights available for outside toilets/hotel bedrooms